Windcave EFTPOS Response Codes

The client application should not interpret the ReCo (Response Code) field or property value returned to the POS - it is provided for information only. You may store the value for historical and reference records. Generally the fully numeric Response Codes are defined by the bank or acquirers only.

ReCo (Response Code) Explanation
00 Transaction Approved
01 Refer to Card Issuer - customer’s bank (Card Issuer) indicates possible issue with the card number. Customer would need to contact their bank or the customer can use a different card
02 Refer to Card Issuer - customer’s bank (Card Issuer) indicates possible issue with the card number. Customer would need to contact their bank or the customer can use a different card
03 Invalid Merchant
08 Signature Required
55 Invalid PIN
65 Exceeded Withdrawal Attempts
70 Visa Contactless Online PIN required
75 PIN Try Limit Exceeded
76 Declined
91 Returned by the Windcave host when we cannot reach the issuer. We may try to Authorise Offline Transaction if applicable
E1 Card (Application) Blocked
E2 ICC Card Removed
J1 Refund Not Matched
J2 Refund Not Matched
P0 Printer is not present
P1 Printer is out of paper
V0 Protocol Version Mismatch
V1 Currency Mismatch
V2 Completion amount did not match Authorised amount
V3 Completion amount exceed Authorised amount
V4 Invalid prompt ID
V5 Transmit message failed
V6 Card read error (will be reported if the card read is bad, or an EMV or contactless card is removed before reading can be completed)
V7 Message is too long
V8 Maximum Authorisation Amount Exceeded
V9 Unable to display message
VA Busy. Wait for further possible message.
VB Card Read or Swipe Timeout
VC Self-test Failed
VD Hardware Failure
VE Not Initialised (CFG~SETD request is required)
VF Transaction Reference or Sequence Number Error
VG Invalid Object
VH Invalid Action
VJ More than max outstanding voids / completions outstanding (outstanding transactions not settled with Windcave internet servers)
VK Invalid request message (fields are malformed)
VL Configuration Update Needed (communication with Windcave host is required)
VM Stored value card presented
VN Non-stored value card presented
VP CRC Error
VQ Invalid Amount
VR Invalid Merchant Reference
VS Unsupported Baud Rate
VT Unsupported Maximum Message Size
VU Too many nested un-handled request messages
VV ICC response data exceeds maximum message length
VW Transaction cancelled
VX Access to Restricted Card Data prohibited
VZ Cannot execute command – TXEN is not enabled
W1 Feature is disabled. This message is received when you attempt an operation which has not been enabled at Windcave for this device
W2 ICC Declined. The ICC Card locally declined a transaction
W3 Data not available (e.g. When using GETT to retrieve a token that has not been retrieved, or is not configured on the Windcave host)
W5 Stored Value Card state is unknown. The card needs to be represented to confirm the correct card state (with an SVE command)
W6 Stored Value Transaction could not be settled – POS should reverse the transaction with an SVR
W7 A previous stored value transaction failed due to power failure
W8 Wrong card presented
WB Card is expired
WD Invalid card
WE Card not allowed (the card was not configured in the card prefix table)
WF Offline conditions exceeded
WI DeviceId supplied in SETD does not match the required DeviceIdPrefix configured for this device
WJ Transaction was offline, operation not allowed
WO Wrong sequence
WP Unknown MIFARE card
WS Necessary data not provided via Logon, e.g. Merchant ID, CATID
WT Card or account not suitable for Cash Out
WU Logon request is too frequent
WV Current transaction requires a Signature response before proceeding. ​Signature must be resolved
WW ​Transaction Cancelled, and Void sent to cancel or reverse the transaction by the host
WX Daily limit exceeded
WY Invalid response from Host
WZ Response MAC failed from Host
X0 Card is removed too soon
X1 Inappropriate Online Request
U9 Timeout (No Response from Host)
Z9 Signature Declined