New Generation of Windcave Terminals

DateThursday, 12 May 2022

Windcave is proud to announce our latest generation of payment terminals, designed and manufactured by Windcave. The CHU200T family comes in 3 variants, the CHU200T, CHU200TL and the CHU200TP.

Each device variant has been carefully designed to meet stringent standards and are robust enough to deliver a seamless payment experience in the most demanding merchant environments.

Developed for in-store environments the ‘T’ Series allows merchants to accept Magstripe, EMV – Contact & Contactless as well as QR Code payment options.

Each device can be used in standalone mode or integrated to one of your favourite Point of Sale (POS) system from our ever-growing list of supported POS providers.


CHU200T (Touch)

Wireless Terminal

The CHU200T has a built-in battery and wireless communication options,this allows merchants to accept payments anywhere they have Wi-Fi connection.

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CHU200TL (Touch Lane)

Wired Terminal

The CHU200TL is a wired payment terminal solution, allowing merchants to fix the terminal at the POS where mobility is not required.

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CHU200TP (Touch Printer)

Portable Mobile Terminal

The CHU200TP has a built-in battery, Thermal Receipt printer, wireless and cellular (LTE-M) communication options, providing merchants a complete mobile solution.

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