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Rest API >

Windcave REST API is a simple REST based API allowing full integration to all Card Not Present transaction services including Gateway Hosted, Merchant Initiated, Subscriptions and Marketplace transactions.

Google Pay >

Empower Customers by providing a frictionless checkout experience in Android Apps or on your website using Google Pay.

SFTP Batch >

Windcave provides a SFTP Batch solution for the merchant who need to process large number of transactions quickly, easily and securely.

Payline Batch >

The Payline Batch Processor is designed to process input files containing credit card payment information for authorisation.


The Windcave IVR provides the ability for a Windcave customer to take phone based payments inside of a Windcave PCI compliant environment.


Host Initiated Transactions >

The Windcave Host Initiated Transaction (HIT) solution is a web facing HTTPS service that permits control of a payment transaction on a Windcave terminal.

Tupelo >

The Windcave XML socket interface allows Point of Sale applications to integrate with Windcave SCR Tupelo terminals to take payment in a card present attended environment.

The EFTPOS Response codes >

Response codes for EFTPOS transactions


Integration to Windcave Unattended terminals is available via Serial, MDB or Pulse. Please contact our sales team via email or phone if you are interested in reviewing integration specifications.


PxPay 2.0 >

The PxPay 2.0 interface is a platform independent Hosted Payments Page (HPP) solution provided by Windcave. The HPP provides a solution for the capturing credit card information securely without exposing the merchant to the sensitive data.

PxFusion >

PxFusion is a product that allows merchants to accept credit card details within a form on their own web page. The form posts sensitive data directly to Windcave. Windcave will process the transaction and cause the user's browser to return to the merchant website in a way that is totally transparent to the cardholder.

PxPost >

The PxPost API enables merchants to initiate transactions by sending XML messages using the HTTPs Protocol

Web Service >

The Web Service (WS) Client Application (CA) connects directly to the Windcave Host WS via HTTPS Posts. Client applications talk to the Web Service using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). SOAP provides a way to communicate between applications running on different operating systems, with different technologies and programming languages.